Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wrought Iron Wine Rack Designer

Old World Wine Rack Designs offers the beauty, elegance and uniqueness of master-crafted wrought iron wine racks for the discerning wine collector. Our wine racks are used as a key architectural element in the creation of incredible European style wine cellars. If you already have an existing cellar you may want to use one or more of our racks as a centerpiece to enhance the look of your existing wine cellar. For those who do not have room for a wine cellar some of our racks are often used as an addition to an existing home furniture decor. We are able to produce wine racks to accommodate the needs of any size wine collection, from a few hundred bottles to several thousand bottles. Our wrought iron wine racks are also considered by many to be heirloom pieces.

Owner and metalsmith Mark Lessard traveled extensively in Europe in the mid-90's developing design concepts based on historic wine cellars in France and Italy. While in Europe, he studied the design styles and materials used to store wines from the chateaus of Bordeaux to the centuries old wine cellars in Burgundy, Rhone and Champagne. The wine racks he has designed have a European style and aged appearance reminiscent of an older era.

Throughout his career, Mark Lessard has been involved with all aspects of wine collecting for some of the country's largest wine collectors. Mark provided wine services for these private clients which included wine acquisition, wine cellar and wine rack design as well as wine cellar management. After retiring from his wine consulting business, Mark spent a number of years studying the art of metal working first as a hobby and later becoming a passion and a way to produce the type of wine racks that he had always envisioned. All of this experience is found in the design and functionality of his wine racks.