Monday, November 5, 2012

Wrought Iron in the Cellar!

Hello everyone!  This is an important week.  We are off to VOTE tomorrow.  Mark is very busy completing a custom job this week and I am very busy with my new job, and it could be so easy to just not go and say that our votes don't really count.  But we are not going to do that.  We will be getting up early tomorrow to get to our polling place before life takes over!  We usually run around at the end of the day and rush out to vote, but we're trying this new technique this year!  Sophia has already voted absentee!  Her first Presidential election!  Very exciting!  So get out and VOTE tomorrow!

On the wrought iron wine rack front, we often get questions about how our racks hold up in a cellar environment.  Wine cellars are strange places.  Proper wine storage requires low temperatures and high humidity.  It is not an environment that is easy to find.  Deep cellar caves provide the perfect environment, but not everyone has access to that!  So wine cellars that are built in homes need to have both some type of refrigeration as well as some type of humidification. 

Mark has had years and years of experience with wine cellar environments.  He has designed our wrought iron wine racks to work perfectly under these conditions.  Our wrought iron wine racks are carefully primed and then covered with our hand applied patina.  Priming the pieces prevents any possibility of rust formation.  As an extra benefit, the patina itself has a rust inhibitor included.  The result is that our wrought iron wine racks will not rust at all, even in the unusual environment of a wine cellar!

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